My husbands birthday presents came in today and he was absolutely so excited about them, seeing him so thrilled makes me happy!

Tools he got

  • Hammer drill 780 in. lbs. 
  • 3-speed impact driver- 2,000 in. lbs. 
  • Reciprocating saw-on/off orbital action
  • Circular saw-sight line blower 
  • Orbital sander
  • JobMax-tool free 

Some information on Ridgid equipment is they have a lifetime warranty on every product you buy, how awesome is that? Not many places offer you that choice but they do. These tools are essential for any kind of work my husband builds in his spare time so these devices will come in handy. 
Six tools for less than $500 is a great deal; you get a hammer drill which hammers while screwing things in to make it much easier the reciprocating saw just goes back and forth to be able to cut doors, windows, and steel. The circular saw is used for cutting wood incredibly simple not much to say about it, and the Sander is clearly used to sand your lumber and projects down so no one gets a splinter. The Jobmax tool is used for cutting smaller pieces as well as you can buy various heads to accomplish more inventions, my husband hasn’t used this product before so he is thrilled to make use of it. 

A man can’t live without their tools!



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