Sick Baby… Again

Sick Baby

  • Symptoms
  • A Runny Nose
  • Sneezing
  • Coughing

Since our daughter has been born, she barely gets sick we try to prevent her from being around people who are sick since babies are prone to germs. Unfortunately, we overlooked the most important thing which was to make sure no one in the family was ill when we went over… long story short she has her second cough and I hate seeing her so miserable. She is tired but won’t sleep, her eyes are baggy, and her face is covered with snot no matter what we do, I have to use the bulb syringe which she hates so much and cries when she sees it I feel terrible but I have to make sure she can breathe. The other night didn’t go well at all she slept but kept squirming and waking up crying we were up basically all night which is no big deal as long as she gets some sleep. 
I am happy to say we are giving her more than just formulawe want her to have plenty of fluids but a variety of them so she gets water (her fave) and juice along with her formula of course. This time around her appetite hasn’t changed, and she is eating her three meals a day (Thank goodness.). 

Make sure they get plenty of rest and fluids.
Make sure you talk to friends and family before going over to know in case anyone is sick. If they are sick, I will definitely reconsider going over there. 

Being a mom is the most important job and seeing your child sick is not fun at all, they can’t talk and tell you what they need or want you just have to know as a mother. 

This will be updated.


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