I’m the one of few who has anxiety.

There are many types of anxiety such as:

  • OCD
  • Social anxiety
  • Exam stress
  • Worry and Panic attacks.

    Most won’t notice that the individual standing next to you has a disorder. Did you know people with a mental disorder are five times more likely to go to the doctors or be hospitalized than those who don’t suffer? That’s frightening I’ve under no circumstances been hospitalized for anxiety (yet) but have come close.

    It all started was only 13 but it wasn’t anything major so I got some medication and that seemed to do the trick. At 17-18 is when it went downhill. I wasn’t able to focus too much on my mind, at night mostly my heart would race for no reason, that’s not even the worst of it I started developing breathing issue and no one could tell me why everyone brushed it off as anxiety but still to this day I worry its something else. 
    I‘ve had so many examinations done but they all come out the same… Negatives which is frustrating. Doctors said don’t worry but when you feel like your going to pass out, can’t breathe, and your hearts racing it’s horrifying because you don’t know whats going on or what to do.

    Should you go to the emergency room? Am I going to die? It makes life very difficult and scary, I just wish there was a remarkable way to resolve this problem but there‘s not and people have to deal with it. Some say you‘ll grow out of it others don‘t know I‘m waiting for the day when I can breathe again and not worry. 

    This is something hard to cope with especially when you have children you wonder if my daughter going to grow up with this? Is it my fault? What am I going to do?We won’t know for awhile all we can do is hope for the best. 
    Some techniques I use during a panic attack:



  1. Close your eyes
  2. Take deep breaths
  3. Think about positive things

Panic Attacks

  1. Sit or lay down.
  2. Turn a fan on.BREATH
  3. It will pass just takes time.

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