High Chair vs Booster Seats

High Chair

Pro  None
Con  In the way
Going into a restaurant, you normally see children in a high chair, they end up being on the edge of the table where the walkway is. Plus they’re not even sitting next to you. (dangerous)

Booster Seats

Pro  Sit close to you
Not in the way
Con  None
These seats provide a narrower place for you to be able to place your child right next to you in the booth making it safer for your baby.

Ever since we had our daughter and went out to eat with her, we’ve chosen a booster seat instead of a high chair because a high chair ends up being in the way of everyone. Plus people could trip or spill something on them (not good) whereas with a booster none of that has to happen. Your able to place your baby in the booth right next to you where you can keep an eye on them and not worry about something happening. I don’t know how most people feel but I would preferably have my child right next to me where I have knowledge that she is safe rather than at the end of a table where she could get hurt.


At home, we do use a high chair for her but that’s easier because your at home safe where nothing can happen to her she is also close by. 


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