Yesterday Evening

We went out to dinner with in-laws for a birthday.
Before I start I just want to say we go to Texas Roadhouse quite often and this was the WORST experience we‘ve ever had. 

They had beaten us there we walked in and found the booth, when we got there they had asked for a High Chair for our daughter but we don’t use those, my husband asked the waitress (whose name was Lexie) if we could have a Booster Seat instead. She gave my husband an attitude as if she didn’t want to be serving our table. 

Time to Order

We ended up waiting for 30+ minutes for the waitress to take our order, honestly, that wasn’t too much of a big deal.When my turn came to order I asked for the Grilled Chicken Salad with No Eggs, Onions, and Tomatoes, my husband ordered a steak with fries Lexie didn’t even ask him if he wanted his fries loaded (which he wanted them). 
We all get our food I look down at my plate and there are tomatoes… I believe I said no tomatoes at that point since they are easy to remove I just picked them off. 

The waitress dropped by and asked if anyone needed a box we responded yes when she came back with the box she only bought one and it wasn’t even for me… you looked right at me and said okay so two boxes come on pay attention. His grandmother had to get her attention by tapping on her shoulder and saying we need another box.

Never been so disappointment eating there before Lexie was honesty a shitty waitress!


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