This week my family and I are going to be walking every day since the weather is getting nice. So far we’ve walked every day since Sunday, and it has been nice to get out of the house for awhile plus our daughter genuinely loves the outdoors (like father like daughter) all the way those two are.


Being Prepared
As we’re walking we run into two women who have a really young infant I’m thinking no more than 2 months old. They barely made it down the path before they had to stop to change her diaper. I’m sorry, but you really should have checked that before you started walking, that way they would have been able to change her n the comfort of a car. That wasn’t even my biggest issue with them the real problem for me was the baby had NO socks on like seriously she’s so little and her poor feet are exposed. I am not one to really judge other parents but to me, that’s not right I don’t care how nice the weather is there was still a chill of the wind and being that small they need to be covered up.

Dog or Baby in the Stroller?
As we’re walking down the path, I spot another lady with a stroller I love babies (who doesn’t) so I wanted to observe the baby… Well as the women got closer my husband noticed, it wasn’t even a child, it was a damn dog. Who the hell goes on a walk with their canine in a stroller? Well as the women got closer my husband noticed, it wasn’t even a baby, it was a damn dog.

No wonder I don’t understand people. The things we encounter blow my mind people like seriously what’s next?


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