Finally weighed myself this morning, needless to say, wasn’t too happy about it. Gained 4 pounds 😦 what the fuck. Lol

Starting yesterday I’m going to start eating better and walking with my daughter now that it’s getting so nice out 🌞


Breakfast – Yogurt & Granola


Snack – Strawberry Granola Bar

Lunch – Chicken Ceaser Salad without the dressing.

Dinner – Veggies, Rice, & Bread

Went for a walk today with my Baby Girl, perfect day it’s absolutely beautiful out 🌹

You know your day is complete when your child is fed and fast asleep πŸ˜€ makes me so happy.


2 Replies to “Monday’s :(”

  1. The only time I put weight on was when pregnant with my youngest. I lost it relatively easily, not by dieting but simply by cutting out bread pasta and potatoes. I found I felt very bloated after eating all of them anyway so it wasn’t a hardship! Funnily enough, I absolutely love potatoes but if I’m going through one of my cranky autoimmune phases, intolerance of potatoes is the first indicator it’s coming!

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  2. I’ve stopped weighing myself! I’ve decided not to live by my weight but instead live on how I feel. I know when im bloated & start eating extra sensibly & I know when I deserve a treat… (Most evenings!) πŸ˜‰

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