Tonight¬†we¬†thought¬†we‘d treat ourselves to Ice cream.¬†Went to Dairy Queen and got four blizzards for everyone.Ask for one¬†M&M, Oreo, some Truffle thing and the new Peanut Butter Cookie Dough needles to say it didn’t go well.¬†

Drive through, Drove up to the speaker ordered one Ice cream they asked “anything else”?¬†Yes,¬†we¬†have three more to order,¬†she¬†must not have¬†heard¬†us because¬†she¬†gave¬†the total.¬†Seemed like¬†she¬†was rushing¬†us while¬†we¬†were¬†deciding.

The¬†window, Got to the¬†window¬†it¬†took¬†them about 5 minutes¬†to¬†grab¬†our card¬†(They weren’t¬†busy.)¬†they never asked if¬†we‘d need covers or a tray.¬†When¬†we¬†finally received¬†our¬†blizzards, she handed my husband¬†the¬†small¬†one¬†but didn’t even¬†say¬†which one it was,¬†we¬†got¬†the other three and¬†they¬†gave¬†us¬†two¬†Oreos¬†when¬†we¬†asked for¬†one¬†and one¬†M&M.¬†As were driving off¬†I¬†try¬†mine and all¬†I¬†experience was Mint and¬†pure¬†peanuts¬†(gross)¬†my mums didn’t actually¬†look or¬†taste¬†like¬†what¬†we¬†ordered.¬†Honestly¬†took while to even figure out which one¬†was¬†which in the end¬†I‘m like¬†fuck¬†this.¬†

The manager, Got home called¬†the manager¬†who just returned from her break,¬†I¬†explained¬†what happened and she was very¬†nice¬†about everything even¬†said “don’t worry¬†I‘ll¬†be¬†upfront the rest of the night,”¬†told me she would talk to her boss to discuss what they could arrange for us because we had already driven home and ate up the Ice creams.¬†Called¬†me back and sad they¬†give us a gift certificate for the four ice creams.¬†Her name is Christy, and¬†she¬†was genuinely the highlight of going to Dairy Queen tonight¬†she¬†was just so¬†nice¬†and helpful.¬†

So if you’re looking to try the new Peanut Butter Cookie Dough…¬†Don’t it really doesn’t¬†taste¬†good unless you¬†like¬†the experience of¬†pure¬†peanuts.¬†¬†



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