Transistioing to Cow’s Milk

Milk Time 


Since our daughter is almost a year old, we feel it’s time to start introducing cows milk. I understand many say not to give them milk until they turn one but I want to slowly transition her off formula and onto milk, now is a better time than ever to do so. She already has had Cheese, Yogurt, and Ice-cream and did fine with those we aren’t concerned with her having any issues. 

I will be posting weekly on this topic so please look for those updates on how she does and if we have any issues. 

We will start by giving her 1oz of milk and the rest formula for one week. 2-3 bottles a day with the milk just to make sure we don’t supply her with too much milk to start with. 

Monday  We gave her 1oz milk and the rest formula she didn’t seem notice. Now to just wait and see if anything happens so far she’s been fine. 


2 Replies to “Transistioing to Cow’s Milk”

  1. Ahh we’re right here too! My son will be 11 Months on the 30 and that’s the day we’re going to start. We’re going the almond milk route – mostly because that’s what the rest of us drink and also too much dairy has made him gassy and kept him up at night in the past. We will see how it goes. Good luck, can’t wait to read the progress !

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