Warning explicit language may be used

My husband and I were on our way home to get ready for date night when we get stuck behind a slow person they were going 20 under the speed limit. I had two vehicles in front of me and one asshole behind me he was riding my ass we couldn’t even see his headlights. Suddenly the car in front of me slams on his brakes which in return meant I had to because the car behind me was up to my ass he ended up rear-ending us. The guy then proceeded to pass me and the two other cars (so illegal) it had looked like he was going to do a hit and run. I made my husband call 911 ASAP I sped up to grab his plate and he then drove into a restaurant and got out to look at the damages. 

He told my husband who was already on the phone with the police force ” Are you really going to call the police? “um, of course, you just hit us“, He then went along trying to persuade us to not file a claim but we were going to regardless of how minimal the damage was on our end because that’s what your supposed to do when you get into an accident. 

After what felt like ours (probably 30 min) the police officer finally came which didn’t make sense considering he was 10 maybe 15 minutes away from us. When he got to the restaurant, he asked us if we were involved in the accident? He got out grabbed the guys information then came over and talked to us I had mentioned he passed three cars in total the cop was like “I don’t care” okay you don’t give a damn about the law? I gave him my license and all that and my husband had to as well the officer then asked “who’s truck is this?” why does it truly matter he only wanted to know to tell us our inspection sticker was out of date. The husband tells him he was just heading home to fix the truck up and go get it taken care of. The officer says no joke “hmm yeah sure” like don’t be a fucking douche bag at least we were honest about it whereas the other guy acted like he didn’t know where he was. 

After he had documented the accident, he did a double take on our truck. Now we did tell him our bumper was pretty rusted but the car did to some minor damage. There is now an enormous hole, scratches, and most of all the bumper got lifted up because of the way it happened. Police acted like he was the shit and basically told us we were lying… Absolutely not, we aren’t this isn’t about money it‘s about the fact that someone hit us and did damage to our vehicle and they need to be accountable for it. Just because one side of the bumper is crap doesn’t mean the whole thing is going to be. I genuinely wanted to tell him where to go. 

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Obviously, we have rust and yes there was a semi-hole in the bumper. Those scratches are NEW and that hole got much BIGGER if you look at it from little ways you can clearly see it got pushed up. The other guys was much worse he couldn’t wait to have it over with. Sorry, you‘re not getting off that easy. Don’t be riding people’s asses. 

The cop was flat-out rude and didn’t believe us. So sorry to describe you but last time I checked when you get into an accident your supposed to document it. You made us wait at least 30 mins thank god no one was hurt, the first thing out of your mouth was your inspection is out not to mention you pretty much think we did this for money. When we didn’t, we did not ask to be hit today. We were honest and you were an asshole. So disrespectful.

His name is Justin Hudnor Windham Police Department. 

Seriously not happy with the way that went cop was a complete douche bag and inconsiderate. The guy who hit us wanted to get a go free card when he clearly ran into us. 

Thank God our daughter wasn’t in the truck when this happened we would have been so fucking pissed. 



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