From my perspective being a parent regardless of whether you have your partner or youre a single mother, we all have our good and bad days. Being a mother is hard work as a mother I always make sure my daughter is fed and dressed before I do anything for myself. My daughter will always first in my book. 

Some of our favorite parts of being a mother/parent is seeing them when we wake up in the morning, taking care of her all day and knowing when you come home she will be there to greet you, at night we watch her fall asleep. Getting to watch them grow taller pop more teeth and just become the person they are. Who wouldn’t want to watch that I mean knowing you created this little human showing them all the good ways of life is a dream come true. 

Some parts that aren’t always the best are, cutting their little toes and fingernails (just so small) when they don’t want to nap or go to bed on time and the biggest one of all when they are sick or in pain they aren’t able to tell you so we have to figure out what to do to make our little ones feel better. At the end of every day when they‘ve been fed, cleaned and fast asleep you know in your heart you completed your job as a parent. 

I won’t lie we have been very lucky with our daughter but there are also days where she is irritable and it’s nothing we can’t handle all babies are like that at some point. We are lucky shes slept through the night since we brought her home. When I stopped breastfeeding, she accepted formula quite nicely and had no issues even though Breastmilk is way better. I Breastfed for Six months that is a tremendous accomplishment. Now switching from baby food to solids was a little stressful because she wouldn’t eat anything but after a month or so she started eating and after that day no baby food will be served. 

Caring for a baby is a lot of work no matter what but to be able to raise your little one is the best feeling. 

They are ours forever. 


It makes the gloomy days good. 


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