Being a woman has it perks and sometimes not so much. We need to remind ourselves the following things and men should do the same. One very precious piece of information is women can make babies!

They make the ultimate sacrifice for 9 months of pregnancy that’s an extensive amount of time. Our bodies go through unbelievable changes during this time, we have so many risks that were willing to take to create this little human. Our eating habits increase, mood swings appear and having to adjust to unique sleeping arrangements since we can no longer sleep on our backs or bellies is hard. Self-esteem basically is shot because our bodies get bigger as the little one grows. Putting our lives on the line to give birth to a precious newborn child is a lot of work and pressure. People don’t always realize once we have babies our bodies will never truly be the same again, we’re left with battle scars and marks, we may even try to hide them at times seeing as women endure days where they feel so unattractive. In all reality, we sacrifice everything to be able to bring a life into this world and treasuring every moment of that soul is worth the 9 months of pain.

So please never give up, appreciate those marks, if you ever feel down just look at that beautiful baby.

Men if your reading this remember what WE women go through to provide a family for you. Tell your women every day how beautiful and amazing she is.


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