Why I keep My Daughter a Secret?

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First things first this isn’t easy for me to discuss and there are still many pieces that will be missing from my blog. I’m deciding to write about this because it’s something my family works through every day. Additionally, some of my followers maybe wonder as well.

When we decided it was time to try for a baby, we had previously talked about how we were going to announce and share everything, how exciting it was going to be! However, as soon as we found out I was pregnant our plans went in the trash because of some people who were trying to ruin our family. They were mad and therefore started acting very childish. So we decided from that point on to keep the pregnancy a secret at least until we knew the gender. Well, that didn’t go as planned either because I was starting to show very early, so we ended up sharing the news on Facebook (which we didn’t believe was a big deal) guess we were wrong. For about 98% it was happy and exciting for our two families, unfortunately, there were a few who were rude and sorta changed the way we were planning on sharing the baby. So my husband and I sat down and talked, we came up with the solution that we weren’t going to post any ultrasound pictures or photographs of her which hurt because why would anyone want to hide the most beautiful and precious part of your life? Well, we chose that because we didn’t need ANY negativity in our life, you want to talk crap about someone you don’t like but then go behind our backs and meet up with them. You have no right to be in OUR daughter’s lives.

Many still and won’t know her name seeing as we swore to keep almost everything private. To be honest, this was both simple and difficult, Since they just kept pushing my buttons I had enough of their bullshit, hard since unfortunately, they are family but, I have learned something just because your blood related doesn’t mean you have the right to call yourself family… It may sound harsh but if you only knew the full story you’d probably understand where I’m coming from. Plus I have to hide my social media sites since a certain someone was snooping around like get a life your not even family.
When the time finally arrived for our precious daughter to be born which of course was the best day of our lives we ended up letting some people know she was here. In all honesty, I didn’t even want to tell them but just to keep the peace we did… surprise surprise they could have cared less… We ended up posting on Facebook that following day she had been born. We didn’t post any pictures or her name just that she had arrived and for a parent that was heartbreaking seeing as she was so beautiful and so tiny, We wanted to share her with the whole universe but felt I couldn’t because of three people. It amazes me how life changes after you have a baby.
It is now 2018 and she is almost a year old and they haven’t asked to see her or wanted to know how she is doing. So it‘s their loss we have raised a brilliant baby, and they couldn’t care less which is fine we don’t need that kind of negativity in this family.

Our daughter is way better off without you in her life anyway, she has so many people who love and care for her.

I won’t force someone who doesn’t want to be in My child’s life.

The day you want to know information about her will never happen.

I‘m not going to apologize for stating the way I feel and frankly, this isn’t even the half of it but I‘m not sharing particular parts because I won’t be the one starting drama here. We have a baby to raise.


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