As most of you already knew a few weeks ago our dog Sugar got sprayed by a skunk for the first time. Since that night the skunk has stayed around during the night so we decided to buy some traps and get rid of it. 

Today our other dog¬†Bella¬†decided she was¬†going to¬†bark at nothing¬†so¬†I¬†ended up¬†putting¬†her¬†outside on the leash after for a short time¬†I¬†hadn’t¬†heard or seen¬†her¬†so¬†I¬†went to¬†go¬†check on¬†Bella.¬†She was missing¬†I¬†was¬†like¬†oh no!¬†I¬†got up and¬†went in¬†the backyard.

Where low and behold I found her and not necessarily where you think she would be. She was in the Skunks trap, she wanted to eat that cat food so bad she got into the trap and captured herself. 

This is honestly so hilarious because that has never happened. 


Don’t worry I did let her out but I had to take a picture first.¬†


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