It’s so upsetting when this time comes to put away her clothes that don’t fit anymore. When you buy a decent size tote and almost a year later needs a new one your child maybe spoiled. She is growing up too fast, and it upsets me to have to put away those cute small clothes but since she is tall she just can’t fit into them anymore. I remember when she was around 6 months old, and she could still fit into some 0-3 month clothing but now that’s not the case. My husband thought it was funny because I would read every outfit and say goodbye. So many memories.


Time to organize her clothes, remove the old outfits and put up the newer clothing. So much more space now till she gets more stuff. Who else hangs up their child’s clothes? I hang her everything but her socks and pants I keep those in a shelving unit that has buckets in them. I will leave the link below for any who are interested. 


You know it‘s spring when you wake up in the morning and you hear the birds chirping. Today I will be finishing her clothes and running a load of laundry. I love doing my daughters laundry her clothes are so tiny:D


The containers are from the Dollar Tree if you want to go for less expensive ones.



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