You know what that means…? I have no idea lol but it’s going to be a busy day for us.

Driving Up early and of course while I’m driving I stopped at a red light, there’s a car in front of me on his phone and the light turns green the car in front of him is gone he’s just sitting there texting away I’m like for real so I honk my horn a few times and he doesn’t move I finally lay on my horn for about 5 seconds he looks up, puts his hands in the air and is like Huh what did I do? Not a good start to our day. 

Sickness Still not feeling 100% throat is so sore and nothing is helping not even Ice-Cream. 

Busy Day Today we are getting rid of one vehicle which is both good and sad, sad because it is my first vehicle happy because it’s so old and its gotta go. Laundry has to be done and cleaning the house.  


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