Well, today is a cold windy day 🌀 brr and I have a sore throat. The sickness never ends for some reason, we never get sick and we just can’t seem to shake this away. It’s honestly a pretty boring day for The Viger Family today, the baby’s dishes are all washed and put away, bottles are made as well. Should tidy the house up a bit but I don’t know if I’ll want to work on that today.

I am working on two really great blogs so I can’t wait until those are finished and posted. Drinking McDonalds Sweet Tea so good especially because of my throat.


Is my child the only who gets done with her food and then just feeds it to the dogs? What an interesting child at least she is learning how to share lol.

Not much of a long blog today just stay tuned for my total of three new awesome important blogs I hope that they are able to share a little more about us and why we do what we do.


Have a great day from The Viger Family


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