In Maine toys r us and Babies R us are going out of business, now when a place goes out of business they want everything gone well toys r us clearly doesn’t. First off when you drive into the parking lot there’s barely anyone there and for a toy store that’s pretty sad, their sign is like nonexistent, the sign they have says 30% everything okay not the best deal but its better than nothing. We go in and start looking around all we see is 10 and 20% off items and these items aren’t even cheap, to begin with, they are way overpriced because they can be so we walk around the whole store just to make sure we don’t miss any good deals…. Nothing was a good deal the place was trashed I get your closing but the least they can do clean up a bit.

We were only going there to check and see if they had good deals on legos which are pricey and maybe find some cute clothes for a nice deal as well needless to say we walked out with nothing so disappointed. Your stuff is way too expensive the place looks like complete shit… and the deals don’t do justice come on even Babies R US has better deals then that and they are just expensive. What a joke I am so glad they are going out of bisness. A very crappy place to go and work for will never go to one again….

Snow Day & Sick Husband 

My poor husband has gotten the sickness that is going around 😦 not fun to see him sick. Plenty of rest and fluids for him.

It’s snowing here today luckily it’s not sticking but not too happy with this wether its April and we have snow.

Hope everyone has a good day and remember DON’T GO TO TOYS R US lol


Have a great day from the Viger Family


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