New Bedtime Routine

Trying something a little new for baby girl, an earlier bedtime has been established and hopefully, that will help her sleep longer because we are also transitioning her into the crib!!! very exciting but interesting time for all of us.
New Routine is bathtime at 7pm and bedtime at 7:30pm where has before her bedtime was at 8pm. She gets her jammies on and I or my husband read her at least two books the second book gets read to her in the rocking chair with a bottle after the book is done she gets put into her crib when she is done she goes to sleep.

Reading to your baby is so important and what baby doesn’t love to hear and listen to their parent’s voices, some sing their babies to sleep others read. I personally would rather read since there’s a lot of pictures for baby and me to look at.

Tips – when your baby can roll over and take things off by themselves is the perfect time to update your babies crib! We put a comforter and one of our pillows in her bed so that she is much more comfortable.

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