30 weeks pregnant

Here is the story of my pregnancy, before we found out my first symptoms were being extra hungry after I had a big meal I would be hungry not even five minutes after which was very odd to me but I honestly didn’t give it any thought. The morning we found out was truly one of the best days ever, seeing that plus sign made me so happy I believe I cried. The first appointment we had an ultrasound the fact that we were able to see our little monkey was breathtaking I mean knowing that women can grow humans is fantastic and I was one of those lucky women to be able to experience that. So tiny so young hearing the heart beat like a horse was a blessing I was afraid of having a miscarriage the entire pregnancy my doctors kept telling me the baby and I were absolutely perfect. 🙂

Sharing the news didn’t go as planned I was hoping to wait until we found out the gender but I was starting to show more then I thought and the news sorta got out with a post, so we told everyone in 2016. Everyone but a few were very excited for us A baby who wouldn’t be excited minus the few that weren’t… How we told everyone was on Facebook not really giving it any thought because that is how almost everyone shares new these days we just posted it.

In December we had our appointment to find out the gender we were so excited, unfortunately there was an issue so I had to get an ultrasound the day before the reveal which was fine the more I got to see our baby the better I honestly can’t remember why we had to get one but of course they asked if we wanted to know the gender at first I was like no because I wanted to share that moment not also with my husband but with my mother. I was just too excited and said yes… A GIRL we were having a baby girl I was so excited I actually cried normally I don’t cry but I did the fact that we were having a daughter was amazing.

My pregnancy was rocky there were times when it was good and others when it was very stressful. Our daughter wanted to come early at a regular check up me not really giving it much thought told her I was having a lot of pressure so she checked me out. If I remember correctly I was about 2cm, wow and I was only 5-6 months. Definitely was not the time to come she still had a lot of baking to do. We got sent to the hospital for monitoring which took a long time and in the end, we went home I was at 2 nothing more.

I stayed at a 2 for quite awhile, I went to another regular appointment and I mentioned to my doctor my fingers were itching now me being a first-time mother honestly just thought it was from all the hormones my body was going through nope I had to get my blood drawn to check. I can’t remember what the name was but if I was positive the baby would have had to be born 😮 scary right thankfully t was negative.

My placenta was located in the front so it was very hard to feel her moving around. I was always worried if she was okay. Not knowing if she would come early was also worrisome. In the end, everything worked out 100% great.

She was only a few days early, I will share my Labor and Delivery story another day.

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