First off if you’re wanting to have an Easter Egg Hunt go buy your plastic eggs at the Dollar Store you get a bag of 18ct for only $1 you honestly can’t beat that price. Easter baskets love them but I will not buy the “fake grass” but if you do go to the Dollar Store it’s just going to get thrown away at the end and the children just want the candy and toys.

Easter Basket Ideas from the Dollar Store

  • Bubbles what kids doesn’t love bubbles I know I do (3ct for $1)
  • Play-Doh that stuff never last (4 oz $1)
  • Beach items (all $1) the list goes on and on

Now that I am a mother and we will be celebrating the holidays with our daughter we try to think of fun little things that don’t cost a lot of money. I will be posting a Blog on what we got her for Easter but that won’t be posted until Easter so stay tuned in for that blog.

Candy what child doesn’t love candy? your probably thinking candy from the dollar store it’s a win in my book get it they have bags and box candy they have chocolates all for a dollar there’s really nothing like it they eat it anyway so don’t go buying a fortune on candy.


Walmart also has some pretty good deals but you gotta look for them, they have candy for 98cents sometimes there in the candy section or they always have a bin upfront near the register go check in there and see whats what, also movies are upfront for $1 they got movies in the movie section for up to $10 and they are great movies we were able to find the new Ghostbusters for less than $10 um I think yes!

Having an Easter Party check out the Easter decorations they also have some inexpensive items to buy. Need a cupcake stand they have one for less than $5 all you have to do is shop around if you’re looking for fulltime all year decorations you can buy them at Walmart I don’t know how long they will last for lol.

Shop around before you spend hundreds of dollars on something that won’t last longer than a day.



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