Worst Day

Wake up expecting to get some cleaning done because it was a nice day and were starting to feel better. So the plan was to vacuum which was fine until I broke one of our glass candles, I then had to vacuum all over again… Second thing to happen today I broke our rocking chair, went to move it and the arm ripped right off like seriously… Lastly, the sheets were finally washed and dried so I took them out and well I manage to ruin the comforter it somehow turned blue and red its completely faded no idea how that happened but it’s ruined now. It also shrunk so looks like we will be buying a new one soon.

Certainly not the way I wanted to start my day out thank god I decided not to make Cheesecake god only knows how that would have turned out.

We are all starting to finally feel better 😀 yay the baby still has a bad cough and a stuffy nose but she is back to playing and doing what she does.

Meals today were

Breakfast – Yogurt & Granola for me Banana Bread & Oatmeal which didn;t go so well

Lunch – Pasta with Bread

Dinner – Meatballs, Bread, and Tomato Sauce

Not a good day

Hope you enjoy this blog because I certainly didn’t really enjoy my day of breaking EVERYTHING!!!!


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