Beautiful Day 😁

What better to do on this beautiful day then be outside! Running some errands with the family, going to make banana bread later stay tuned for that recipe!!

Possibly go for a walk today and enjoy this Spring day. You can hear the birds chirping these are the perfect days to open your windows and work on some cooking and maybe cleaning.

Breakfast – French Toast with bacon

Lunch – Little Pizzas

Dinner – Chicken Quesadillas

Finally, everyone is starting to feel better the baby and I still have stuffy noses but👃 are feeling much better.

If you don’t already have one you have to get a humidifier they work like magic especially for the little ones. I’ll leave a link below where I got mine.

If anyone has a Twitter account follow me. It’s where I will be putting my links to purchase the items I love and have.

Twitter – @vigerfamilyblog

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