The dog finally smells MUCH better if you go really close to her head where she got sprayed you can still smell it just a little bit, that was one of the worst experience I’ve ever had smelt so bad lol. The house still has a hint of it when you go to certain places but its mostly gone.

Tips on your pets getting sprayed by a Skunk

  1. Get them washed off ASAP
  2. Open windows, doors, and spray your entire house more than once
  3. Get your children away from the smell
  4. WASH EVERYTHING that smells or has been around the smell

My daughter, she isn’t feeling much better she is at least drinking more and yesterday was awful I thought babies/children were supposed to be Top proorit but I guess not because I called at 8 yesterday morning like they told me to and still hadnt heard anything around 1pm so I called again and around 3 I still hadent heard anything so I called and basically told them what I thought… after that she was finally able to get an appotiment only for them to tell me she was sick… yeah I know she is shit thank you…. so we will see how things go but today hasn’t been much of an improvement. I will keep you all updated and see what happens.


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