One word… Skunk 😵

Of all things to happen the dog got sprayed by a skunk tonight… Let her outside to go out, go and check on her she’s trying to chase something in the bushes of course it being nighttime you can’t see anything well… she ran into the bushes then came out and started rolling in the snow honestly just thought she was playing but then she came to me and I smelled something absolutely AWFUL. Sure enough, she got sprayed nasty worst smelling thing ever. It got her good right in the face poor dog was covered and got scratched near her eye too, she was bleeding but it wasn’t to bad the smell was worse then anything.

I can honestly say my pets have NEVER been spryed until tonght of all nights… Stright to the bathtub she goes we were abe to get the smell out for the most part but we will probably be smelling that for a few days…

Any tips on how to get rid of that smell? I know gettng them straight into the tub with water helps a lot but didn’t know if anyone else had any other ideas.


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