The start of my Day with my Daughter

Who doesn’t like a schedule?

Most babies do and my daughter is definitely one of those who loves to be on a schedule. We wake up and watch TV every morning some may say you shouldn’t let your children watch tv but we let our child with some during the morning. We finally get up around 10am and I make her breakfast she has many different opinions for breakfast all depends on how we are feeling. After breakfast, she goes and plays with her toys and our dogs while I clean her dishes and fill her bottles, pack snacks, and plan out her meals for the day. She has her bottle whenever she is hungry naps are normally twice a day for about 30mins not that long, lunch is around 1pm and after lunch, we get her all cleaned up and ready for some tv and playtime. she has a snack a few hours after lunch and between dinner time which is at 5-6pm. Our day is always about playtime, reading, and cleaning. 

Hope you enjoy my blogs and continue to read them, feel free to comment whether your child loves a schedule or doesn’t also what your day-to-day life is. 


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