My daughter is just about 10months old she gets a bath every other night unless shes really messy we do this because most babies are very sensitive and we don’t want her getting dried out from the water since she has sensitive skin.

Around 7:30 we get her ready for bathtime her favorite time of the day besides nap time 🙂 after her bath she gets dressed in her jammies and gets a clean diaper, says her goodnights. We go into her room and turn on the white noise she likes the rain sounds the best. She gets a bottle and we rock her to sleep.

She sleeps through the night and has ever since we brought her home, she is absolutely perfect and we are so very lucky to have her apart of this family.

The crib is built by my Husband it took awhile but it was 100% worth it, he did an amazing job and I would much rather have a handmade crib then buying one not only was this cheaper but it’s got a lot of sentimental value to it which means more then a store bought one.

The White Noise app we use is called White Noise it’s a green icon with lines indicating volume level there’s a lot of awesome sounds and we have used this since day one. I would definitely recommend this to anyone. (This was NOT sponsored)

The Crib for anyone would like to build it is at (again NOT sponsored)

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