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Family Reunion

Wow, I honestly feel like I haven't written in awhile. We have been crazy busy with my husband working and the festival coming up. Today we have a family gathering to go to, it will be Baby V's second one. Look how cute she is!!! She got to meet a bunch of family she's never [...]


Good Morning Everyone, It's Thursday morning, and I figured I would write a post about the upcoming blogs I have in stores your you. My husband is a member of a festival which is in June, for the next two weeks most of my post will be about that. The festival is very important to [...]

Hobby Lobby

Baby V and I had our first ever trip to Hobby Lobby today!!   A pizza haha Frogs... Need I say more? 🐸 Room Decor for babies I will have to say they don't have a lot for a one-year-old but they have so many decorations and party supplies. Some items are pricey but others [...]



Staying at home is a Big job I want to write a post on what its like to be a stay at home mom as well as what we actually do while our spouses are at work. There are many misconceptions about mothers who stay home, some may say we don't do anything but there are some who know exactly how hard it can be. Provided you can stay home with your child it [...]

Marinated Chicken

Second meal on the grill Items you'll need Chicken (I use the tenders) Italian Dressing Potatoes Vegetables (If you'd like) I placed the chicken into a big ziplock baggy with the dressing (used a big whole bottle). Placed in the fridge for a little over 48 hours the longer the better. Potatoes, my husband peeled [...]

Workout week #3

Starting this week off at 143 Monday Breakfast - Yogurt & Granola Lunch - Chicken Nuggets & Fries Dinner - Pasta Salad. Went for a nice walk with our extended family, was able to burn lunch off. Tuesday Breakfast - Chocolate Chip Pancakes, Bacon, & Strawberries Lunch - Chicken Salad Snack - Pasta Salad Dinner [...]